You work hard to show up for all the demands your life presents you, but how do you show up for yourself?



It can be overwhelming to even know where to start in beginning to make yourself a priority when, you've been running around on autopilot taking care of everyone and everything else,I know.

Did you know though, that there’s an opportunity available to everyone for richly nurturing self care experiences?


It’s called fringe time and it’s the time in between your must-do-scheduled activities. You can make the most of those pockets of times that show up throughout the day when you when you have everything you need in advance.


Take the time to make yourself a stash of self care supplies to make use of every minute in those windows of time and begin to make your self nurturing more of a priority.  


Not sure where to start? Take my ideas with this printout!

About  Me

As a working mom I know first hand how hard it can be to begin and maintain a self care habit every morning. Having everything I need within reach, in advance, has remarkably made maintaining my morning self care much easier.

Set yourself up for self care success by having everything you need on hand with this Self Love Stash checklist.