Personal Empowerment & Growth

Thursday from 4-5pm

Who is this group for?

Those Experiencing:

- Negative self talk

- Low motivation

- Decline in previous activities

- Lack of hope in relation to the future

- Difficulty making and maintaining new friends

- Frequent comparison to peers

- Difficulty taking compliments

How will teens benefit?

In group your teen will learn:

  • Self-acceptance and gratitude
  • Improve self esteem and self confidence
  • Identify internal strengths
  • Distinguish between internal and outer beauty
  • Understand cultural influences on beauty expectations
  • Develop healthy social media consumption habits
  • Increased ease in answering the question, "who am I?"

Enrolling Now

Pressure to conform to beauty standards for your teen is at an all time high. Your teen spends on average, 8 hours a day on their phone. During that time there is a beratement of edited and contrived social media posts that your teen is comparing themselves to. Self-esteem and self-confidence is plunging.

Your child’s teenage years are a critical time in identity formation. Social pressures and self-comparison during this identity forming stage can lead to uncertainty of the self and decreased self-esteem.

$200 Deposit $50 per meeting

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