When:  10am, Wednesday 7th April, 2021

Where:  ZOOM (I'll email you the link to join)

Cost:  £20.00

I’d worked on lots of social media and digital marketing campaigns in previous roles, but the huge difference was that as well as doing it for clients, I was now doing it for myself too! I have a totally different view on marketing and social media now. As a business owner you have to make it work for you and get it right. There is no time to waste, no budget to fall back on or anyone to ask questions to either!

I am one of those rare kind of people who started worked in marketing before digital got big. But as my career developed, so too has digital marketing and social media, so I have literally grown up with it. This gives me a great knowledge of all types of marketing – traditional and digital.

I became a Chartered Marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2012, having to take annual CPD assessments (so rest assured I know my stuff). I have worked with hundreds of organisations since starting my own business, from sole traders and start-ups to FTSE 250 companies.

After years of writing strategies, social media posts and campaigns, I remain as passionate about marketing as the day I started (I won’t tell you how many years ago that was though!)

I get loads of really positive feedback on my work and advice and I form fantastic relationships with my clients. I’d bet that all of them would say I’m super passionate about what I do – just watch one of my facebook live videos to see what I’m like (cringe – I can’t watch them back!) What you see if what you get with me. If you’re a CEO, a carpenter or a cake maker I’ll treat you all the same and give you the same advice – with a friendly nudge, a welcoming smile and a hand to hold through the process.

I love marketing, thrive on my business and am passionate about helping people gain the confidence and skills they need to make small, yet effective changes in their marketing to get the results they need. It is not just a job for me…it makes me tick!