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A Companion Short Story to the Crystal Dragon Saga

Don’t attempt to befriend something that eats people.
Though Alexander has fought minotaurs, befriended dragons, and traversed the land, there’s one place in Zilferia he hasn’t explored.

The ocean.

Pearl isn’t thrilled with him constantly seeking out danger, but his affections for her won’t slow Alexander down. After all, supposedly there are man-eating merfolk down there!

He’s never leapt so enthusiastically at a life-threatening situation as this one, but there may be more in those dark depths than he’s prepared for.

This short story takes place before the events of the Crystal Dragon Saga and makes a thrilling, enlightening edition to the tale as we learn more about Crystal’s parents long before she was born. Fast-paced clean, YA Fantasy that you won’t want to miss!

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A Companion Novella to the Crystal Dragon Saga

Despite what they want you to think, the underdog doesn’t always win.
I’m living proof of it.

That doesn’t mean I plan to give up any time soon. After being rescued from my lowly past life as a beggar, I’ve realized there’s only one way I’ll be able to essentially erase my past. I have to make it to the highest spot in Dravyn’s Higher Power I can—even if it means joining Zilferia’s Dragon Hunters and doing other things I feel are beneath me until I can prove myself to the Higher Power and join them in taking over the seven realms.

It doesn’t matter that I’m now a vampire. I’ve had to work twice as hard for everything my entire life, and I won’t let anyone stand in my way from rising from the dust I’ve always been. Not even a love I never thought I’d have.

Rising from Dust is a companion story to the Crystal Dragon Saga, and follows the story of Zarafa, a young woman with a chip on her shoulder and much to prove. Journey with her on her quest to become the most powerful woman in the seven realms. If you loved the Crystal Dragon Saga, you’ll love this novella. Filled with magic and adventure, Rising from Dust is the Urban Fantasy novel you need.


Katie Cherry

Katie started writing at thirteen, as her love for books outgrew the number of books available to read. She has been a self-published author since October of 2018. As of the end of 2020, she has ten books out (two completed series!) and is only just getting started! 

Be warned- her love for dragons may be contagious!


Crystal Dragon: The Crystal Dragon Saga Book 1

The book that started it all. Originally written in 2011 and rewritten and republished with Fallbrandt Press on June 3, 2020, Crystal Dragon (previously published as 'Zilferia') is the first book of seven long, epic Coming of Age Fantasy novels good for readers of all ages! (Comparable to Harry Potter!)

What if you discovered you were part dragon?

When I was abducted and transported to planet called Zilferia, a wondrous place where magic thrived, my opinion and my entire life changed forever.

The Crystal Dragon saga is a coming of age fantasy series, packed with your favorite magical creatures—Dragons, Mermaids and Werewolves— and will have you devouring pages, anxiously fighting alongside our heroine, Crystal.
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