Is an adult you love having problems with alcohol or drugs?
Have you tried to help, but you’re feeling stuck, alone, isolated and stressed?
Need some help?

I have a wonderful opportunity for YOU to...

Kickstart Your Family Recovery

A programme for women affected by a loved one's drinking or drug use

Here's how Kickstart is going to work...

I'll be opening the doors to the private Facebook Group on Wednesday, 10th November for introductions before the group starts on Monday, 15th November.

We will have an opening and closing Facebook live session! 

There will be daily posts to comment on/ short tasks/ short videos.

As long as you get chance to log in every day, you'll keep up. 

You may want to catch up at weekends, that's entirely up to you (I'd suggest to pop in every day so you can keep up with everyone if you can!)

There will be dedicated support post, so if you're struggling, you can pop a post on and we will help you out.

Content will be delivered daily and I promise it will be short and manageable!

This is a WOMEN ONLY group.

You will get support from others in the group too!

You are not alone!

There will be no...

🚫Waiting for rock-bottom (how long is that gonna take?)

🚫Tough love


🚫Throwing your loved one on the street

There will be lots of…






What you're going to get...

A real understanding of addiction and recovery

Exercises on how you can influence a change in your loved one's behaviour

A refocus on YOUR wellbeing

Knowing the strategies you can use to tip the balance, so that being sober is more attractive than being intoxicated

Looking at ways such as disabling enabling and setting healthy boundaries can work for you

Your own family recovery plan

And LOTS more...

Why work with me?

I’m Victoria Seed and I help busy, successful women recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

I understand how hard it is to be in your situation and not know whether how you are handling it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You may feel alone. You may not have told anyone about what’s going on.

You may have only just realised your loved one has a problem.

You may not be able to find the help you need that fits you and your situation.

All I can say is that you are doing your best, but I can help you make significant changes to your life.

As well as having lived experience of coping with loved ones problem drinking/drug use, I am a professionally trained teacher, trainer, drug and alcohol practitioner, recovery coach, consultant NLP Practitioner and meditation instructor. I have helped hundreds of families recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

I set up the Vesta Approach in 2017, because I wanted to fill a gap for families that would not or could not access local services due to work commitments or other personal reasons. 

My services are private and confidential. As a professional woman myself and a mother, I have naturally connected with women and have designed my service around them.

This short programme has been designed specifically for busy women who cannot go to a group in the evening, or pop out of work during the day for therapy. It is full of value, support and care but is not so demanding of time that you can’t keep up. It's all handily accessible through Facebook, so you can pop on when you have time. 

Having been a drug and alcohol therapeutic practitioner for many years, specialising in family work, we will be talking about your loved one in a respectful and caring manner. 

I don't believe in 'tough love'. 

I don't believe in people having to hit 'rock-bottom' to stop or reduce their substance use. 

I KNOW there is another way.

Come and join me and kickstart your family recovery before the holidays.

I can help




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