Business Ideas for Kids and Teens


Creating a business based in their own passions builds the necessary skills they need for their future success.

Your child should have the experience of starting a business.

But here's the thing:

How do they get started?

This course shows them the steps to get there!


Stacey Piercey

Stacey has been teaching entrepreneurship to kids from six to 17 for over 5 years. Hundreds of kids have completed her program and every child has come up with a business idea they can sell.

Homeschool mother to 3 teenage boys, Stacey has helped countless startups develop software that is user centered. She and her husband own a successful software company In Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Does your child have the necessay skills?

Are you still worried that despite good grades and athletic awards your child isn't prepared for a future we can't even envision yet?

Skills like perseverance, resilience, creativity and problem solving?

The moment they learn their own passions have the potential for profits, they are already building those skills.

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