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Travel-Inspiring Worksheets

Keep Busy

Bored at home?  Bored on your car trip?  Keep busy at the airport!


Geography, State Capitals, Creative Writing.  Lots of educational material in each worksheet packet

Fun travel destinations

Travel to new destinations in your mind by using your imagination.

About Moyer Memoirs

My blogging journey started many, many years ago in the analog world. I created thousands of scrapbook pages documenting my life, my vacations, and the world around me. Onto colorful pages, I carefully pasted beautiful printed pictures, wrote script of all our family trips, and polished them off with a touch of fancy stickers.

Enter the world of the digital age and the creation of MoyerMemoirs Empty-Nester Travel Blog! Now I can share it with many more than the people that enter my living room and fit onto my couch! Sharing my stories with people around the world is my dream.  I write detailed hints and advice so that those who will follow in my footsteps to destinations unknown can reap the knowledge of someone who has been there and done that. Never Stop Exploring!

Satisfy your WANDERLUST

I would like to be included for important vacation planning details in addition to new travel-inspiring worksheet packets.  Add me to the list!

I am ready for my awesome packet of travel-themed worksheets.