We are in business to advance God's Kingdom

Kingdom Business Focus Boot Camp

What should you focus on right now in your business or ministry to take it to where the Lord wants it to go?



1. BRAINDUMP: Put together all the Words, Prophecies, Scriptures, Ideas, Passions, Divine Connections etc. that the Lord has given you regarding your life and business.

2. PRESENCE: Seek the Lord for direction and clarity, get into His presence to get the next steps and the end goal for your business or minisitry.

3. ALIGN: Align your mind, heart and will with the will of God, in complete surrender, and flowing from that place write down what He gives you as a blueprint for your business.

4. VISION CASTING: Remove the limitations on your thinking, and allow God to show you where you can and should take your business. This becomes your goal.

5. CLARITY: Core Values to use as vocabulary when explaining your vision to others. Clarity and focus on what your business purpose and end goal should be (put onto paper). What product or service should you focus on for the rest of this year that will bring you closer to your end goal?

6. BUSINESS GROWTH ACTION PLAN - putting the plan on paper for the next 90 days / 1 year / 10 years. Create your Next Action Checklist - start to implement.


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DATES 2021 - please take note of different time zones.

Wed 13 Jan 2021 : 9am - 1pm SAST / 11am - 3pm GMT

Thu 21 Jan 2021 : 10am - 2pm PST / 12pm - 4pm CDT/ 6pm - 10pm GMT / 8pm - 12am SAST

Wed 27 Jan 2021 : 9am - 1pm SAST / 11am - 3pm GMT

Wed 17 Feb 2021 : 9am - 1pm SAST / 11am - 3pm GMT

Thu 25 Feb 2021 : 10am - 2pm PST / 12pm - 4pm CDT/ 6pm - 10pm GMT / 8pm - 12am SAST

COST: R250 / $25 or barter with your product / service to the same / similar value. (Vouchers welcome)

Prepare your heart to receive the scrolls. Fast with us for a week before the boot camp, or as the Lord leads.

Boot Camp via Zoom and in the Facebook Group (let me know if you're not on FB, I can send via Whatsapp)


You can sign up here to book for the Kingdom Business Focus Boot Camp. We will send details for payment via email.