Kiss Your Social Media Woes Goodbye

Become comfortable with using social media marketing and get a bonus content planner!


Kara Stokes

Hi, I’m Kara, your friendly fitness copywriter. I help health, fitness and wellness professionals make their words sell. From writing epic sales pages to making your content SEO friendly, I’ll get your words working for you. A healthy living nerd, you’ll often find me drinking smoothies, doing a yoga session or swimming at my local beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

You help your clients reach those breakthrough moments. Where they suddenly burst from stuck to hitting their targets. I'll help you create breakthrough content to help you reach your targets too.

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Why bother with social media marketing?

Because we all want to be talked about. 

We want to be part of the conversations our audience is having.

Getting people talking about your brand drives more traffic to your website. It also gives you the opportunity to use their comments and shares as social proof.

Imagine a customer raving about how fabulous your active wear is, so you post it to your stories. Your audience sees it and thinks, wow those leggings must be great. They skip on over to your website to check them out. Voila! You’ve gained another visitor and got them closer to clicking buy now.

Plus, social media marketing is pretty much free (and we all love a freebie!)

It's quick and easy, I promise.

You know it’s worth a bit of time and effort…still you don’t really like hanging out on socials. That’s okay, you don’t have to love it. But with my tips and advice, you’ll find it becomes a little more enjoyable and definitely doable.

Your audience wants to hear from you. They’re looking for people like them, a culture to belong to. The brand culture you’re building.

It’s time to get in front of them.