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Become a Money Magnet Queen!

A lot of new entrepreneurs struggle with their relationship with Money, specially when it comes to sell their own services or products, leading them to continue to work for free or underselling their skills.

Here's a free workbook that will help you change your Money Mindset and start knowing and appreciating your worth and skills, to be and feel more successful in all areas of your life.

Make Money your Best Friend

This Money Magnet course and workbook is for the entrepreneurs who are working hard in building their businesses and still don't seem to reach the financial goals they have set up to.

Through this course, you will learn how to become best friends with Money and start attracting your soul clients and create the income you desire in your life and business.

Believe in Your Worth

Lesson 1

Your Relationship with Money

Let's start with the basics: Understanding that Money is pure energy and like any other energy in our lives, we have to learn to change our Mindset and think positively to attract the positive outcomes desired to build a successful and sustainable business.

Lesson 2

Clear your Money Baggage

Learning how to clear old self beliefs around Money, the lack of it and the feelings that brings us. Money is not evil, we need to learn how to create a healthy relationship by rewiring our thoughts and feelings towards it.

Lesson Three

Money Mantra

Now that we are learning to build a better relationship with Money is time to get more spiritual with it and start to create Money mantras to shift our Mindset towards abundance and self worth.

Mindset & Business Mentor

Maria C. Krause

Hello beautiful Soul!

I am so freaking excited to have you here, you will love it, I can sense this is the beginning of an amazing adventure for you, and you're only getting started!

I'm Maria C. Krause, a passionate woman just like yourself. I love helping entrepreneurs on the first steps of their journey, uncover and develop their superpowers and help them create soul based successful businesses.

I am a strong believer that we are all capable of achieving anything and everything we set our Minds and Souls to. My passion is to remind women like yourself of that, that you are powerful, unique and special, and the world needs this inspiration.

Apart from being a Mindset & Business Mentor, I am also the proud founder and owner of an online magazine podcast by the name of Unchain Your Inner Strength, platforms that I've created for my students and soul sister entrepreneurs to help them spread their message to help and empower others.

i can't wait to have you on and share your story and message with the world... Welcome and let's rock and roll Soul Sister!

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