FREE CHECKLIST: Make sure you shine at your next interview

A practical checklist for making your next interview the best you’ve ever had.

Remember the most important things, plan what you want to ask and what you want to communicate.

Check that you haven't forgotten anything important.

Be prepared for the most common job interview questions.

Read the five classic job interview questions, and get tips from Kumous for your answers.

Set yourself apart from other applicants, get ready for the five questions that give you the best possibility to stand out.

This guide was written for you by Kumous: Minna Rantama & Anna-Maria Leogrande

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I downloaded the guide!

MSc in Political Science, 31 years old

Wow, I had a job interview today and yesterday! I must say I am doing so much better with these tips from Kumous. Previously, I had a few seemingly easy interviews after which I realized that I hadn’t really communicated anything important. The checklist helped me to prepare, so that at the interview I could focus and be present in the moment. And seriously, almost all of the questions on the list were asked in one way or another.