Teach Passionately, Pray Deeply, Live Simply, Stand with those on the Margins- and do so with a community enlivened in faith and zeal.


Our Lasallian educational mission embodies the vision and innovative spirit of founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers, and centers on Catholic values, personal relationships and academic excellence.


Saint John Baptist de La Salle believed the work of the Brothers could be summed up in two goals - Salvation in this life, and the next. Brothers prepare their students to excel in this life, with the ultimate goal of being reunited with our Heavenly Father in Heaven.


Brothers fulfill their vocation by providing a "Human and Christian Education" to the young, especially the poor. With Faith and Zeal Brothers touch the hearts and minds of the students entrusted to their care, so that together they may "Enter to Learn" and "Leave to Serve."


Brothers find no greater joy than instilling in their students a love of God and sharing that love in community.


From our founding we have been Brothers - to the students entrusted to our care, our colleagues who we serve alongside, and to our fellow Brothers. This relationship is an integral part of our vocation.

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