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Have you been looking for a way to promote your small business and showcase your talents? Submit your interview with The Old Summers Home and let us help you get the ball rolling!

What to know before you apply!

We love to help people grow and to share the love, however, we want to promote content and businesses within our niche!

Before applying please check the list below to see if you fit into our niche that way we can better provide you with the right traffic! 

  • Are you a crafter?
  • Do you make handmade items?
  • Do you have an Etsy shop or Facebook store?
  • Do you have a special creative talent?
  • Are you a small craft business? 
  • Do you create with wood, fabric, or other artistic mediums?

If you fit into one or more of the above-mentioned criteria we would love to do an interview with you! 

Not sure if you fit? No problem! Email Jenn at and tell us a bit about yourself and your talents!

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Jenn Summers

About the author

As a small business owner, Jenn has learnt that the most important thing to success is the promotion of your talent and skills.  Jenn loves to get creative in the kitchen and with power tools!