A 22-day challenge to cultivate gratitude through creativity, photography and an exploration in reconnecting with yourself.

The Mini-Gratitude Challenge

First of all, what is it? 

The Mini-Gratitude Challenge is a 22-day challenge to cultivate gratitude through creativity, photography and a strong desire to reconnect with yourself.

In this challenge you will be utilizing your ~*~ CrEaTiVe PrOcEsS ~*~ to highlight the special, gratitude-giving moments of your day.

It often takes 21 days to develop a new habit (or break an old one). This challenge is meant to truly help you get the hang of experiencing gratitude so that after 22 days (I added an extra day for good luck, obviously) it can come more naturally, feel less forced and allow you to continue your gratitude practice more intrinsically on your own.

How is the challenge set up?

The three (ish) weeks will be divided into three general components: body, mind and spirit. Each week will focus on one component and everyday you'll receive an email from me with a different “lens” for the day. Meaning, while gratitude is TOTALLY subjective, I will provide you with a daily theme for a bit of inspiration and direction of where to start looking for gratitude each day.

Throughout the challenge you will be asked to document your #minigratitudemoment with a photo and share it (if you’d like!) on Instagram. The photo is your chance to step out of your mind for a minute and do something a little differently with your day. It allows you to capture a reminder of that mini-moment so that you can go back later and feel it all over again.

For busy, creative humans, this small second for yourself, which combines gratitude plus a chance for some creativity, can add a *much needed* energy or happiness boost to your day.

what are #minigratitudemoments?

Ooooh, good question. Mini Gratitude Moments (#MGM) are a subtle way of beginning to practice gratitude when you’re struggling to connect with what you’re grateful for. These small moments can help in times you feel disconnected, stuck, unnaturally irritable or anxious.

Why do #MGM matter?

Often, a large part of what disconnects us from ourselves is the literal disconnect between our present moments and our *self*. We can become easily lost in our own thoughts and find ourselves in non-stop loops of thinkingthinkingthinking. Thus, a separation is formed between us and life happening around us.

Mini Gratitude Moments bring our attention to the important, special moments that remind us why life IS good. Great, even.

By beginning to notice random, almost unnoticeable things that catch your attention and make you feel niiiice, you’re spending one less moment in your own thought loops and one more experiencing something enjoyable to you.

How Can #MGM Help ME?

An ongoing gratitude practice has the power to  l i t e r a l l y rewire our brain. It allows us to:

Be more susceptible to positive emotions

Feel more alive and awake

Experience greater joy

Feel more generous, forgiving and outgoing

Feel less lonely

Block toxic, negative emotions