Help your kids become the best version of themselves!

If you want your children to shine today and thrive in their relationships throughout life, this is the book for you! 


Up-to-date skills for our modern sensibilities that are perfect for our fast-paced, casual, techno-savvy culture.

You can have children and teens who…

  • bulletreplace eye-rolling and “Whatever!” with meaningful, kind conversations
  • bulletturn off their techno-gadgets and plug in to the people around them
  • bulletreplace awkward moments, nervous introductions, and unpleasant first impressions with gracious, easy interactions
  • bulletare prepared for any dining experience and are gracious hosts and great guests
  • bulletuse the skills you teach them even when you’re not around as their manners become reflections of their hearts

Praise for Manners That Matter for Moms:

Kim Alexis

author of Beauty to Die For: A Spa Mystery
TV host, supermodel, mom of four

Manners that Matter for Moms covers the most important topics in child rearing in a light and informative way. The book was reassuring for me and is sure to be a blessing for moms who want what is best for their children. At some point, we all come to the end of instructing our children and let them go into the world to make their own decisions. It's nice to see that our hard work of setting examples and instructing helps children become great adults. This book is a wonderful compass for moms. 

Janie Upchurch

author of Finding Herself Blessed

Are you looking for a map to guide your children on the right roads, around the detours, and through the scenic routes so they will shine with hearts of kindness? Manners That Matter for Moms is a current and friendly GPS designed specifically for you to navigate your children toward a genuine consideration for others, which is unquestionably the essence of manners. In this intimate book written in mom-to-mom style, Maralee shares personal stories that span the gamut of our emotions and identify our unasked questions.

As the mom of two boys, Maralee gets how hard it is today to raise gracious children in our often raw culture. This book will give you the how-to of making manners not merely a list of rules. Your children will never be stilted or performing. You’ll find here how to make manners and easy, impressive way of life that benefits your child and your family and is in sync with how we live today.

Dwight Bain

author of Destination Success founder and director of the LifeWorks Group executive director, International Christian Counseling Association

Manners matter and since our children will live in our homes only 21 percent of our lifetimes, it’s essential that we reach them through simple daily connection points. In a time when manners seem all but forgotten, your children will have huge advantage if you show them how to carry themselves wisely. Maralee McKee will teach you how to do that in this practical life-application resource, which systematically guides parents in building extremely successful kids.

Christy Jordan

I wrote the forward for this wonderful book so I want to tell you that in the interest of full disclosure but I also want to tell you WHY I wrote the forward to this wonderful book.

FINALLY! A resource for all of the questions we've had to muddle through and figure out on our own.

FINALLY, a gentle voice of kindness and reason that can tell us "Hey, I've been there. Here is what worked for me and why it will work for you, too."

Being a parent means facing a series of escalating challenges in raising children, the ante gets upped every year older they get as we try to raise them to be gracious, kind, and intelligent adults. This book has more solutions to parenting problems than all of the parenting books I've ever read, combined!

I took it to a church event that I arrived early at. I sat reading it, waiting on everyone to arrive, and another mother leaned in to see what I was reading and so I handed it to her. We got into a conversation about the challenges of parenting and question after question came up I'd say "Well, I think Maralee probably talks about that, let’s see." One after one we were able to find each topic we discussed and Maralee addressed them simply with wisdom that just flat out made sense!

This is a manners book but it is also a guide for any parent who wants to equip their child for success, love, and happiness in their adult life. Children really should exit the womb holding a copy of this book!

Special Features:

bulletA fun three-question Etiquette IQ Quiz to start each chapter.

bulletThe eight-steps that make teaching good manners a pleasure not a burden. 

bulletGrowing in Graciousness, Next Step Skills to add on when your child reaches the right age and stage in his or her development.

bulletMom-to-Mom Moments special skills just for you, or special ways you can get your child to incorporate the manners she learns into her heart.

bulletIllustrations for when a picture is worth a thousand words.

bulletMy favorite go-to recipe for giving to friends, and how great recipes and good manners have a lot in common.

bulletThe Top 100 Manners Checklist!

by Maralee McKee

Written in Maralee’s warm, best friend style, (She shares her story so you get to know her.) and complete with a Bible study for personal or group use, this is the manners book to turn to whether your child is four or fourteen. This is more than an etiquette book. It’s a mom’s go-to manual to raising children who are never door mats and always welcome mats.

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