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Practical Applications of Biblical Principles

In Practical Applications for Biblical Principles: Lessons from Our Mother two sisters take you on a journey of growing up with their mother, Ms. Connie who was also a traveling Evangelist and Bible Study teacher.

The two sisters share intimate lessons they learned from their mother through the lens of the Spiritual First-Aid kit and how those practical examples have served them well into adulthood. You will also have a front-row seat into Thursday Night Live where you will join the students in Bible Study as they learn about the Biblical principles through practical icebreakers. 

In these pages, you will discover:

•How to connect real-life objects to Biblical concepts•How to turn young people on to Jesus without turning them off

•How self-reflection leads to a deeper understanding of God’s Word•Practical tools to have an open dialogue about life

•How to partner with God to raise children in a challenging societyLife is a teacher and it is up to you to obtain the lessons. 

If you want to enhance your understanding of the Bible through practical examples, this book is for you.

But wait, you also get the companion course after you order.....

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While this book may be enough for some of you, we want to invite others who want or need just a little more to sign up for our mini-course. In Practical Applications 2.0 we take you on a deep dive into the 9 components of the Spiritual First-Aid kit. It's a 9-part video series that shows how to use the Spiritual First Aid Kit in ACTION. Sometimes we need to see things before it clicks. Guess what, it's only $27!!! Join here.

You also get access to a 5-day devotional and some added commentary from the authors.

This mini-course is based on the actual icebreakers our mother, Ms. Connie, used for Bible study, Women's conferences, workshops, and Sunday School lessons. Our mom loved the use of practical tools and visuals to get her point across. We hope that you learn as much from her as we did.