The Masculine-Feminine Integration

For women who want to live intentionally sacred lives

5 Module Online Course

Stop hiding in your shadows and light up your sacred life

With Sunshine Beeson

As a BONUS, you will receive a complimentary FREE one-hour Iridology or Hypno Core session with me (Value: $245)

What if you could get to the core of your feelings of low self worth, self esteem, not enoughness, working too hard, overwhelm and overdoing?

I invite you to gain clarity about the personas that represent your masculine and feminine so that you can have more pleasure, speak your truth, trust your intuition, trust life, know your purpose, and discover your strength of character.

When you have an understanding of your masculine and feminine energies, it has a ripple effect in your business, family and personal relationships.

Don’t just take my word for it…

See what others have experienced as a result of The Masculine-Feminine Integration Workshop

"I have discovered my internal feminine goddess and love my daily connection and conversations with that part of me. "

Sunshine is incredibly knowledgeable. I had been feeling off-balance in my life, missing being in touch with my feminine side. I had spent most of my career in a male-dominated industry and also had strong female role models growing up. 

I felt this course would help me in business and in my personal life by allowing me to learn and integrate more of my feminine side. I enjoyed the lessons of discovering the Shadow and the Divine Masculine and Feminine parts of ourselves. Each lesson helped me to focus on balancing and integrating both sides. 

I am much happier to just be in the moment and enjoy the beauty around me. I am happier connecting with friends and clients and don't have the constant feeling that I'm not being "productive." I have discovered my internal feminine goddess and love my daily connection and conversations with that part of me. The last lesson on integration was amazing! I was able to "meet" and connect with both my Divine sides. 

Marybeth Eyler, Marybeth Eyler Coaching

As women, we are rising up into a patriarchal society and yet we’re still struggling to integrate our power within to have our freedom, but it’s gone too far into the shadow masculine domain. By learning how to resurrect our feminine within us it will enable us to be embraced with more power and grace.

Both men and women come into the world with masculine and feminine qualities. Sometimes having an imbalance or not integrating one's masculine and feminine will cause imbalances in self, relationships, business, work and even health.

Getting in touch with these parts brings in more awareness to make better choices each and every moment that results in a happier you!

When you’re out of balance you may be feeling or thinking…

“What if I say “Yes” when I really want to say “No”?

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings”

“I take care of everyone, but barely take care of myself”

“I have almost no desire for sex and feels like I have almost zero intimacy with my partner”

If you’re thinking or feeling any of this right now.

Take a moment to breathe.

You’re not alone in how you’re feeling…

This is a time where many women are feeling a disconnection from their sacred self and disempowered.

Take a moment and imagine…

...Being able to say No.

...Being able to ask for what you want.

...Being able to embody excitement and desire.

...Being able to live your purpose.

...Being able to have more compassion for self and others.

...Being able to receive.

...Being able to trust life more.

When you integrate both sides of your masculine and feminine it will create more enlightenment, balance, joy and freedom in your life!

"Sunshine has a gift of guiding, teaching and leading."

I have been working with the masculine and feminine for quite a while in my own coaching circles and have loved working with Sunshine in all ways. Instinctually, I felt like this workshop might give me deeper access to understanding and integrating these energies through her perspectives and teachings and that's exactly what happened! I wanted to heal and integrate those unhealed parts of myself, so I can effectively help others. 

Sunshine has a gift of guiding, teaching and leading. Her meditations and her perspectives are always helpful and healing. 

Monica Rogers, Revelations Coaching

Sunshine's Story...

I started my holistic practice in 1982. I am certified in Iridology, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Herbology, Aromatherapy, and Emotional Release work. 

I am very passionate to assist my clients to come to a place of freedom, peace and exuberant health by getting to the root cause of their physical and emotional pain. I hold the container for women to uncover the deeper parts of themselves so positive integration may occur.

In my earlier years, I didn't have my voice, felt invisible, wouldn't raise my hand in school. I was so scared to speak, that people barely could hear me when I would talk! Can you relate? I felt very connected to nature and the spiritual realm and with horses.

When I got involved with a diversity of holistic healing, especially for my own psyche is when the inner me began to emerge, I found my voice and confidence, discovered boundaries and life became an unlimited exploratory field of possibilities. 

I overcame my stage fright and began speaking in public and doing presentations for my Iridology work, starting teaching programs for my Masculine/Feminine Integration work, facilitated workshops for women regarding ritual and ceremony. 

When living in Colorado, I became very connected with the Native American Southern Ute Tribe. I was participating in Sweat Lodges with the elder leaders of the tribe, they became family. I was then initiated to facilitate sweat lodges (a true honor!) and have done so for the past 25 years. 

My repertoire has expanded in numerous ways to address the intricacies of each individual. 

Here's how you'll be supported inside this course:

Each lesson will guide you one step closer toward greater integration.

Lesson 1:  The Limiting Shadow Feminine

How operating from this place shuts down your inner feminine life force, which will limit your inspiration, creativity and the ability to receive love and abundance.

Lesson 2:  The Judgmental Shadow Masculine

When your shadow masculine is in the forefront, the judgement and critical parts of self are overactive. This makes it difficult to let love in. 

Lesson 3: The Creative Divine Feminine

Gain a sense of self-worth and self-esteem so you may be more in response rather than reaction to life's situations.

Lesson 4:  The Supportive Divine Masculine

Feeling a sense of groundedness and support.

Lesson 5:  The Integration

Discovering and creating an internal Divine marriage with your own masculine and feminine energies for a more powerful balanced life and positive relationships at home and work!

Integrate Your Masculine and Feminine....

"I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to find a healthier balance in all aspects of their life!"

Sunshine Beeson provides an open and safe space for her clients and workshop attendees to look into a deeper place within. She has a loving and encouraging way of providing insights in discovering the blocks or the aha’s. 

The Masculine/Feminine Integration workshop gave me tools to understand how some of the characteristics show up in my day to day life, that don’t serve me. Sunshine teaches ways to identify these characteristics that provide more balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine traits, that one can aspire to. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to find a healthier balance in all aspects of their life!

Elaine Chick, Elaine Chick Management Consulting

"I have more awareness and perspective of who I am, a renewed energy"

I was hoping to gain more insight on Masculine/Feminine Energies. This workshop did not disappoint! I learned more about myself, I have more awareness and perspective of who I am, a renewed energy if you will. This information was so helpful! Thank you Sunshine, in my personal life, I now feel more safe, heard and renewed!

Danielle Chamberlin, Mary Kay Consultant

This 5-week online course is perfect for you if....

  • You are a high achiever
  • You are hyperfocused
  • You are overwhelmed by your masculine energy being in overdrive
  • You feel invisible in your personal and business relationships
  • What you want isn’t showing up
  • You want to open up the receiver in you
  • You are a busy entrepreneur looking for more balance

In our five weeks together, you will....

  • DISCOVER how certain behaviors and reactions can wreak havoc in your life and relationships and how to distinguish whether it’s coming from your shadow masculine or feminine side.
  • LEARN how these behaviors can repel rather than attract what you want.
  • GAIN CLARITY AND to consciously integrate Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within for more balance and grace.
  • CLAIM the weaving rhythm of the Sacred Divine Masculine and Feminine within your inner being.

My hope for you with this program is that you will experience more BALANCE, EASE and TRUST in your life, relationships, business, work and self.

As a BONUS, you will receive a complimentary FREE one-hour Iridology or Hypno Core session with me (Value: $245)

"I was happy to have learned much more to add to my self-discovery and bodacious awesomeness!"

I am so happy with what has transpired as a result of working with Sunshine and participating in the Masculine/Feminine workshop. As part of my exploration with Sunshine, I felt this would add to my understanding of my behaviors. 

I was impressed with Sunshine’s knowledge range of Wisdom Traditions and other modalities. As someone who has done a lot of personal work (I’m a Virgo), with discernment, self refection and many processes, I felt Sunshine would add to my experience. 

I was happy to have learned much more to add to my self-discovery and bodacious awesomeness! Thank you Sunshine, You are a Light to behold!

Signe Nelson, Realtor, Feng Shui practitioner

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About Sunshine

Sunshine Beeson has owned Inspiral Iridology for 35 years. She specializes in helping women 25-60 obtain peace, freedom and exuberant health by releasing the root cause of physical and emotional pain.