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Hello Sister

My name is Ber-Henda Williams and I am a Visionary+Empath Coach. I work with empathic, creative, socially conscious women who deeply desire to create a social impact with their businesses.

Do you ever wonder why you feel so deeply? Here's the reason being Empathic is so overwhelming and can make you feel like you are alone. Empaths make up 1-2% of the population according to a report carried out by Dr. Michael Banissy, a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, and his post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Natalie Bowling, who spent years looking into empathy and, more specifically, mirror-touch synaesthesia. The population and the world that we knew, was made for more extroverted personalities. Nature, water, and solitude can be very comforting to Empaths, as they need alone time to recharge. While not all Empaths are introverts, they are deep feelers who can with the right training, can shift the atmosphere and provide profound connections, healing, and insights to the world.

Let me explain, I have worked with several empathic women who deeply desire to create social change and impact, they have noble professions such as counselors,teachers, and other entrepreneurs but they are so weighed down energetically. These are savvy, educated and accomplished women but have struggled with being too sensitive, ignored their hearts and followed the antiquated masculine and intellectual program for success.

I was guilty of it too, until I discovered I was an empath, and that being an empathic was a super power. When we ignore the gifts inside us we leave our destiny unfulfilled, we become stifled and unexpressed. This can manifest as physical ailments such as chronic pain, disease and fibroid tumors.

Many clients come to me lacking clarity, not fully understanding their gifts or how to channel their overwhelm in constructive ways. I've been a working artist (poet) for over 2 decades and coaching for the last 7 years. I used to believe that I just really had a knack for writing and speaking but it was deeper than that. It was after I learned to harness my gifts as an empath, that I was able to thrive in my purpose and help other women to do the same.

It took me years of being lost and my own Dark Night of the Soul to finally understand that my suffering would eventually lead to a path of vulnerability and self mastery to achieve self actualization and support other women to do the same. I can remember laying in recovery after having a fibroid tumor the size of a football removed from my body, I also lost my grandmother that year and I had to hit the reset button on life. I don't want any woman to not realize her gifts as an intuitive, wise, and compassionate vessel for change!

So here I have created a quiz and toolkit to help you really unpack your gifts as an empath. Many people believe that empaths and HSP ( highly sensitive people) are the same. They are not. So this kit will help you to get clear on where you fall in the spectrum. I also walk you through the types of Empaths, you can be more than one type and I also help with grounding and shielding techniques to support you on your journey. I have finally honed in on the powerful nature of Empaths and want to share my expertise with you.

Now, you can gain confidence and clarity too.

My Free Gift To You

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Inside the Visionary+Empaths Unite: Quiz and Toolkit you get:

  • The Visionary  Empath Quiz
  • Overview of the 17 Empath Types
  • Grounding and Clearing Exercises
  • A Place to Find to Community


Cat A. Life Coach+Brand Strategist

“Ber-Henda's words uplift your spirit. I was moved during our session. I felt a sense of peace and clarity. She will take you to a place where your soul feels inspired and connected to the universe.”

Deja C. PR Professional

“I had an amazing VIP Day with Ber-Henda where we unpacked my gifts and the ways that I can leverage them for my business. My favorite part of the session was the exercises to grow my gifts. I walked away with tools to grow my business and a new mindset. I also transitioned from thinking through every answer to feeling my way to solution. While most of the day was focused on business, Ber-Henda also helped me to learn about the connection between how my personal life can influence my business life. I look forward to working with Ber-Henda again and highly recommend her to other empathic entrepreneurs!”

Nicole M. Boutique Events Professional

"I couldn't be more grateful for the good work of Ber-Henda Williams. As a small business owner and mother, I pay very little attention to my intuition, self-care, and the little inside voice of reason. I find that working with Ber-Henda that I am more grounded, inspired, and validated. She provides the nudge I need to stay accountable to myself and stay in alignment with who I am and seek to be. My personal and professional life are all the better since I make the time to nurture myself. Thank you for everything Ber-Henda!

I hope that this review encourages you to take the plunge and invest in yourself - you're in amazing hands with Ber-Henda ❤️"