Journaling has become a really important part of my self-care & self-discovery over the years. Especially during stressful times, journaling has helped me with getting everything out of my head and onto paper.

I truly believe in the healing & therapeutic nature of journaling. While I talk about journaling a lot and how helpful it can be, I also understand that you might not know what to write about.

I completed a 30 Day Journal Prompt Challenge in my The ladies in my  Facebook group. The ladies loved this challenge and mentioned that the prompts helped them with discovering more about themselves and how to better handle stressful situations. 

Being able to understand more about yourself can be helpful in making sure that you are prepared, ultimately helping you to be able to move forward.

I want you to have the same experience, so I have put together the journal prompts on a printable guide for you. <3  Simply fill out the form below & I will send you the journal prompts right to your inbox!