Let's meet and chat, as friends do on a Sunday morning.
We don't care if you're still in your PJs, just bring your favorite breakfast food and drinks.

Speaking Italian can be a lot of fun!

We'll meet in small groups of max 4 people, you can turn your video on or not, and you can use English when you just really can't say what you want to say in Italian - we'll help you do it!

Drop your email below and I'll let you know when the next chat is on!


"I just got off Silvia's Italearn Sunday Chat and want to tell you what a lovely and fascinating time I had. I didn't really know what to expect, and since I don't speak Italian at all, I thought I would just show up and watch. Sitting in the room with Silvia was like sitting across the table from a dear friend. Our conversation flowed and I learned several practical ways to say things in Italian that was comfortable and easy to remember. But here's the thing... this was a conversation, not a classroom, and because it was a conversation, I remember the phrases I learned because they have context. I can't wait for the next Sunday chat!"

Jackie Bernardi - CoFounder of Share Squared Spaces