Grow More, Work Less...

Learn my 9 secrets to a simple, non-overwhelming garden that produces a ton of vegetables! (FREE e-book when subscribing to my newsletter)

You'll Learn How To...

Grow More

By improving your garden from year to year.

Save Time

By working smarter and with the weather. 

Save Money

By ordering the right seeds and tools.

About Lady Lee...

My first garden was on a slope at the edge of a pine forest (<< insert face slap!). 

Needless to say, nothing grew in that garden...

This was almost a decade ago. Since then, I've planted many spring, summer, and fall gardens and have learned a few very important tricks. 

My name is Lady Lee and I blog over on Lady Lee's Home. I am a single mom, a business owner, and a farmer and I want to show you how you can grow a productive, simple garden without the overwhelm! 

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