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Anabel Bright is inspired by great stories and movies. She is creative in her unique ways, spinning a fantasy world that draws you in. Anabel is an emerging author in such genres as fantasy, mystery, action and adventure, suspense, science-fiction thrillers, crime thrillers.

"Your support is my inspiration. I am excited to have you read my books on fantasy, action and adventure, mystery suspense,  Science fiction thriller and crime thrillers.


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Supernatural Thrillers


"Past Future Collision"

A young girl, Natasha, born to a family of four goes into a coma for a couple of days after getting drowned in water whilst swimming with her brother and two cousins.

While in coma, Natasha in her subconscious state, sees herself being driven in a train alongside some other people into an unknown land which looks a century farther from hers. The dream seems to be longer than the actual amount of days she spent while in coma.

She is healed by someone with magical powers in her dreams.

Natasha is discharged a week later after she regained consciousness. Returning back home, young Natasha begins to discover strange things about herself. She discovers her magical powers.

As time goes on, she coincidentally comes in contact with those she saw while in coma.

Who has healed Natasha with magical powers in her dreams? How does Natasha discover her magical powers? When can Natasha use her magical powers?

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