The Language of Plants Course

Learn about the healing plants like your ancestors did!  

By the end of the course, you will be able to determine the healing potentials of any healing herb by using just your senses.

 The Language of Plants course is a sensory adventure where you will taste, feel, smell, see and journey into the ways and wonders of the plant kingdom. 

This course is a fun and effective way to learn about the healing properties of plants rather than having to memorize pages and pages of information.

 There are many way the plants speak to us, from the shape and colour of their flowers, their taste, how they feel when we ingest them,  thier roots and leaves, when they bloom, the environment they grow in and much more.

For this course you will choose a plant teacher from what grows around you, or in pots and learn its specific language. You will record in your worksheets all about your chosen plant from its taste, smell, feel, roots, flowers, plant family, pollination, leaves, and more.   

This course is self-directed and done at your own pace, with me (Wendy) available for any questions, comments and guidance.

Check out the Course Outline below:


* A Sound foundation  — for becoming a Home Herbalist/Healer able to deal with your family's general health needs.

*Lifelong skill set — able to determine the healing properties of any herb in the future.

*Self-sufficiency — if you wish to pursue growing your own herbs and learning how to use them.

Course Outline

#1 Introduction


Course Outline

Materials Needed


#2 About Plants- Part One

Doctrine of Signatures

Plant Intelligence

Plant Worksheets





   #3 About Plants - Part Two     




Poisonous Plants

Medicinal Parts

Collecting & Harvest

#4 Plant Families





Weird & Wonderful

#5 Using your Senses- Part One

Our Five Senses

Sense of Taste

Sense of Smell


#6 Herbal Energetics

Hot/ Warm




#7 Using your Senses - Part Two

Sense of Sight




Sense of Touch

Sense of Inner Listening

#8 Final Steps

Final Steps


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The Language of Plants Course

Return to your roots and learn about the healing plants as your grandmother would have taught you not so many generations ago! A fun & effective way to learn the medicinal properties of herbs.

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How long do I have access to the course?

for this lifetime (:

 Are you available for questions and comments?

Yes, through email.

Is this a certified course?

In Canada herbalists are not currently a regulated profession. There are several self-regulating associations in Canada.

Who is the instructor?

 Over the last thirty years of being a practicing herbalist I believe there is a better way to learn about the plants. The language of Plants teaches you on a very personal level about Earth medicine and a glimpse into your amazing plant neightbours!   

Wendolyn Murdoch

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