You've been wanting to make more money with your mind but you still have been stuck.

I've spent several years teaching people how to package up their genius and I'm sure you can relate to these problems.

  • Struggling with how to package content so that people want to buy
  • Struggling with what exactly to sell when it comes to a course
  • Struggling with the amount of content, length of video or audio content, and more
  • Struggling with price points, platforms, and marketing strategies

The crazy thing is that I've seen my clients and students from around the world sit on their genius and then the time goes by. It was just a three day struggle but now it's been months and still no clear offer to their tribe. But there a tribe?

I've seen many have courses or trainings but there is no community for you to sell to and you're struggling to find people to buy what you have. It's time to put an end to it all. Right now, at this very moment, people are home and everybody is online. Why? It's the one thing that's keeping us connected to one another. What does that mean for you? It's the perfect time to sell something online and what better offer than an online course or program?

But wait...we need to talk some more!

For you it may be Procrastination. Maybe it's feeling like your knowledge isn’t valuable. Maybe it's seeing others do the same thing or offer the same information and thinking that what you offer isn't needed. Let me tell you this. That's a lie. Here's what your future could be like.

  • How would it feel to wake up and see people purchasing your courses or offers without you having to send an invoice or an email?
  • How would it feel to see people following you as a leader and impacting their lives with your knowledge?
  • How would it feel to have a systematic approach to launching online courses and classes that don't stress you out?
  • How would it feel to finally execute and launch that online course that you could stand behind confidently and put your name on?

That feeling is no longer "one day soon". That feeling can be yours right now. I want to tell you how I can make that happen for you. 

You Need A Fresh Wind

When I became a coach, it was for one main reason. People need someone to light them on fire. You can have 100 plans and ideas but every great leader needs a coach to keep them on target. You also need to see the power in your next move. For the past few weeks or months, you've been wanting to really see a major shift in your platform and brand. However, you've lost faith in it. Let's just be honest. Sometimes we just look at what we've built and we feel like more people should be wanting this. It's like you know that you have an amazing voice and an amazing gift to offer to the world...but nobody is buying it.

It's time for a fresh wind. We're going to switch up your strategies and we're going to put in serious work for four weeks like never before. I'm going to work you every single day for four weeks. Some of you have never given your business or platform this kind of focus that I'm going to work out of you. However, it's going to give you a fresh wind. You need to feel the excitement again of enjoying helping others without feeling rejection or sadness because you don't see the support like you want it to be. 



Learn how to create ongoing passive income and help bring impact into people’s lives with your knowledge! We're going to spend four weeks together in an intimate group and you're going to execute with one course or program at the end of the bootcamp. This is a no-fluff bootcamp that is focused on you ending the bootcamp with an online course to sell. It's that simple. The amazing bonus? You're going to have me, Genesis Dorsey, as your personal coach to make sure you get it done in four weeks. No more procrastination. No more playing around with your ideas. It's time to LAUNCH THE COURSE.

  • Week 1: Plan It! - Outline the Course
  • Week 2: Record It! - Create the Content
  • Week 3: Package It! - Marketing & Graphics
  • Week 4: Launch It! - Email Marketing & Promotion Strategies

You will get

4 Training Videos

These training videos will help guide you for each week with special strategies as well as homework for you to execute.

You will get

FB Support Group

This group is a private group where you can ask questions, get support from other students, and help from Genesis.

You will get

Genesis Dorsey

You will submit your homework for your online course into a Google Drive folder that Genesis will review and provide corrections on.

This is not like what you've been sold before by any guru, influencer, or business coach or consultant. This is a bootcamp solely focused on execution. It's time to get your course launched.

We begin on April 14th and we end on May 5th.

I'm serious about this execution. It's time to package that knowledge correctly so that people can invest in your mind and strategies no matter what time it is and no matter where you are. I hope that you are ready for this serious execution. Time is over and the clock has run out for you to keep sitting on your knowledge.

  • Trainings will be uploaded each week into the portal on Sunday
  • Your execution homework is due each Thursday and will be found in the same portal as your training videos
  • You will have daily challenges to speed up your results

This bootcamp is NOT for those who aren't ready to focus on execution over the course of 30 days. This is NOT for those who only work according to how they feel and therefore don't get their goals accomplished on a regular basis. This is NOT for those who are not ready to invest in trainings like this that are built for you to make more money. This bootcamp is NOT for those who spend money faster on themselves than their business. This is not the bootcamp for you.

  • This bootcamp is for leaders who are ready to package their knowledge in a marketable way
  • This bootcamp is for experts who see this as an investment into positioning themselves in their market
  • This bootcamp is for individuals who are ready to build passive income with strategy instead of randomly throwing things on the wall and hoping that they stick





Genesis Dorsey is a business consultant, coach, and speaker that helps experts package their knowledge into a scalable business. She focuses on teaching them how to build their knowledge based platform, build their tribe, and create scaleable products and services.