What listeners are saying about this audiobook

Joanne Brothwell


Leadership Solved was a great How-to that is concise, interesting and extremely helpful. Highly recommended!

Kelichia (The Talented Authoress)


This is an excellent avenue of approach to leadership advice and paths to tread on. I support this author and his leadership grounds for excellence.

Jim Vickery


Every time I listen to this book I get a new perspective on the leadership principles it covers. It is a good book for anyone involved in a leadership or management position, and the methods in the book apply to every industry.

About the author

Terry Thompson

Terry Thompson is a Leadership expert that has led teams as small as 3 to much larger groups of over 500. Terry brings to you valuable insight that he has gained from his over 24 years of personal and professional life that will lead you to success. Terry does this through multiple platforms to include his website (http://terrythompson.me) and his four books (Leadership Secrets Every Leader Should Know, Leadership Solved, Leadership Is, and What it takes to become a MENTOR).