Customer Magnet

Attract customers like a magnet attracts metal, by creating a customer magnet.  It is an important way to attract people into your audience that will be interested in what you are selling.  It gives you an engaged audience to market your goods and services to ensuring that your further communication is speaking to the right people.

There are three stages to creating the perfect customer magnet and my ebooklet includes tips for each stage.  

Creating the right Lead Magnet will help to achieve this aim, but how do you decide what to base it on?  My tip sheet 5 things to consider when creating your first lead magnet will help you in the formulation of your ideas.  

Following on from this you will need to design a Landing Page to be able to share your Lead Magnet, my top 5 tips will give you some ideas of who to create this successfully.

Finally make the most of your Landing Page by setting up a series of Automated Emails to speak directly to your new audience members.  Use my tips to plan out your sequence to ensure that you get the results you deserve.  

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