Start Your Online Coaching/Consulting Biz in 2021!

Leap & Launch Your Biz 90- Day Program

Start a life business that supports your priorities so you can stop working for money and start living your life. 

This program is to help working women beat burnout and build the business of their dreams. Because you can't afford to go another year sitting on your dreams, and settling......... your NEW BEGINNING START HERE!

Learn how to create a business: one that matters, is profitable and makes you happy.

This program is to help working women start an online business they love, to beat burnout, and live life to the fullest, It's not about being your own boss. It's about creating an online business you're passionate about—and energized by—so you can stop hating your job. Even if you have no experience in internet marketing, I'll show you easy strategies to get going NOW.

This accelerator program  is for you if:

  • you are ready to move to action and execute
  • you no longer want to feel like you’re spinning in circles and not getting anywhere?
  • you have goals and dreams and are ready to know where to begin.
  • you are ready to take a leap of faith  despite doubts about your ability to succeed.
  • you have an idea but need help to break it down into bite-size, achievable steps.
  • you are ready for clarity, wisdom and strategies along with resources to maximize your potential and income.

What if you could create an online business that enables your full potential and lets you work on things that bring you the greatest sense of joy?

By the end of this course you will:

  • Clearly define the success you desire and not what society or social media defines for you
  • Know your purpose, vision and values
  • Have increased self-belief, improved consistency and confidence in your abilities
  • be empowered to execute; no more procrastination
  • have a realistic and clear cut strategy to conquer your 30-60-90 day and 12 month goals
  • Know your more BUSYNESS!

The Leap & Launch System includes a 3 Step strategic framework that helps you to create the clarity and confidence to create cash.