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Day 1


Intro to EOs in the Kitchen


Topics Covered:

What are essential oils?

Top 10 EOs to stock your pantry


Day 2


Safety & Tips


Topics Covered:

Using EOs safely & dosage

Importance of using carrier oils

Day 3


How to Get Started


Topics Covered:

Where to find ideas & recipes

How to purchase EOs for your kitchen

What are others saying about the course?

"This course will leave you feeling excited to spice things up with essential oils in the kitchen! The comprehensive overview arms you with health and safety information, tons of recipe inspiration and the power to create your own delicious recipes. Whether you're new to essential oils or excited to discover an exciting new way to use them, Heather LeGuilloux is here to introduce you to the wonderful world of Cooking with Essential Oils." ~ Sara,

"Until recently, I had no idea you could cook with essential oils. I thought these oils were only found in DIY beauty products – like bath bombs and sugar scrubs. Boy was I wrong! I signed up for the Cooking With Essential Oils 3-part email course and now feel confident using essential oils safely in the kitchen. The course provides you with a basic overview of essential oils and the health benefits of each oil. It also provides safety tips including how to use carrier oils, as well as links to fabulous recipes. If you’re thinking of adding essential oils to your cooking arsenal, I highly recommend taking this course before you get started!” ~ Tanya,

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Hosted by Wellness Advocate Heather LeGuilloux


Hi there! I'm so glad you're here! My name is Heather and I am the creator and editor of - a website and blog dedicated to educating others about using essential oils in the kitchen.

I am super excited to be hosting this free 3-day email course to help you learn more about two topics that I am super passionate about.. cooking and essential oils! Feel free to reach out to me at any time throughout the course or beyond if you have any questions I can help answer.

I hope you enjoy this free email course and that it helps you on a journey of having health & happiness in your life and in the kitchen!