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Legion Whisky is BACK!

We're excited to announce the much-anticipated return of Legion Whisky after a two-year hiatus! Initially launched in autumn 2021 as part of the Legion community under the expertise of Master Craft Distiller Roy Anderson and in collaboration with Onóra Whiskey, Legion Whisky has now evolved into an independent brand. Our unique whisky, loved for its distinct character and quality, is back and here to make a lasting impression.

A Home and Tailgate Favorite  

Legion Club Whisky has transformed into a favorite both at tailgates and in homes alike! In 2021, we introduced a special touch to our offering with 12 'Gameday Edition' bottles alongside our original stock bottle. These unique editions featured a back label designed for fans to record the final scores of each game, turning each bottle into a cherished keepsake of game day memories. This score-recording feature was an exclusive addition to our Gameday Edition bottles. As we look ahead to 2024, we're considering bringing back these special edition bottles. While the decision is still in the air, the excitement around it is undeniable.

  Current Shipping Availability  

We're thrilled to share some exciting news: we've expanded our reach to an impressive 38 states across the US, that now includes Indiana — that's more than four times the availability compared to before! While there are still 12 states where we're working to establish our presence, we're actively seeking partnerships with distributors who can help us bridge this gap. Stay tuned for updates, as we're committed to making our products accessible in even more locations soon, with plans for international shipping as well!

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  Local Distributorship  

Exciting developments are underway at our distillery! We're in the process of bringing our whisky to major retailers and pubs nationwide, starting with key locations in Florida and definitely Indiana. As we finalize the list of these esteemed retailers, we'll make sure to keep you informed. To stay up-to-date with the latest news, we encourage you to subscribe to our free whisky newsletter below. Additionally, watch for updates in our exclusive members-only Facebook community, our public Facebook fan page, Instagram, and of course, our official website. Don't miss out on being the first to know where you can enjoy our whisky locally!

What's Legion Whisky?

  Is Legion Whisky Scottish or Irish?  

Our high rye bourbon is neither Scottish nor Irish in origin. Bourbon is a type of American whiskey, distinctively different from Scotch (from Scotland) and Irish whiskey. The term "high rye bourbon" refers to a bourbon whiskey that has a higher percentage of rye grain in its mash bill, compared to the typical bourbon. This gives it a spicier, and smoky flavor profile. Bourbon, including high rye bourbon, is primarily associated with the United States, especially Kentucky. Our bourbon has hints of vanilla and chocolate and is really unique.

  What happened to the E?  

We dropped the e for the relaunch to give a nod to Master Craft Roy Anderson's family heritage of whisky distillers from Scotland. In the United States and Ireland, the spelling 'whiskey'—with an 'e'—is typically used. On the other hand, in Scotland and Canada, both renowned for their whisk(e)y, as well as in several other countries, it's spelled 'whisky'—without the 'e'. This variation in spelling is a small but notable distinction in the world of this beloved spirit.

  How did the club whisky come to life?  

In 2019, the visionaries behind Legion, Jason M. Wood and Chad Michen, conceptualized a unique idea: creating a pub and club whisky specifically for our community. They envisioned not only the whisky itself but also the ambiance of the space where it would be enjoyed, right down to the design of the sign. Eager to gauge community interest, they shared this concept and were met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. It was during this buzz of excitement that Roy discovered their idea. Intrigued, he reached out to Jason and Chad, offering an innovative solution for producing the whisky, thus turning their concept into reality.

Roy Anderson, Blaise Lezynski, Chad Michen, Jason M. Wood

  What's the future for the whisky?  

The future of our whisky hinges on the support we receive through sales and spreading the word among Notre Dame fans and bourbon enthusiasts throughout Irish Nation. We are exploring the exciting possibility of launching signature series bottles, each featuring a distinct taste and flavor, in collaboration with former ND players who once proudly wore the blue and gold. While we're keeping the identities of these former players under wraps for now to add an element of surprise, we're enthusiastic about this unique concept.

Our ultimate ambition is to garner enough backing to bring to life the second phase of Legion's Club & Pub. We envision a place where all fans, whether visiting for a game, graduation, tailgating, vacation, or just passing through town, can gather and enjoy the spirit of the ND and Legion community. A place where our community can call home. 

Your support is crucial in making this dream a reality.

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