Create your Business Ecosystem in Notion

What's included?

Let's create a space where all the moving parts of your business live in one, easy-to-access place.

This space will be your business Ecosystem and the best way to create it is inside Notion - A super flexible, modular web app.

Not only will this space make you feel more organised, it'll help you keep on track with your brand moving forward, help you plan out new products and services, and ultimately help you work smarter, not harder!

My Notion template

You'll get a copy of the exact template I use to run my design business. Duplicate it to your own Notion account so you can tweak and use it as your own

Video walkthrough

The training includes 4 screen-share videos: Notion Features Overview, Template Overview, and a deep dive into the most useful part of the template, and tips on making it your own.

Hosted inside Notion

I went super-meta and housed the training INSIDE your Notion template. That means once you duplicate the template to your own account you have access to the training forever

Feedback from past videos

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Who am I, and why Notion?