Lakora Yoga


Discover your true self, find balance and let me help you with your goals!


You might be wondering how to start a yoga journey online and what is involved with a membership, if this is you keep reading...

None of us know it all. We all need a little help, a little guidance on our journeys and everyone's journey is different. This membership has been made with you in mind to help you achieve what it is you need.

I have specific classes for different poses, calendars you can follow and a drop down menu so you can search time, level and intensity for what you need on that day. This way you get to work on your own personal practice and see the results you want.

Let's build a strong foundation and get you to where you want to be!

But I can do your free videos on YouTube?

Yes you can and by all means please continue doing so but if you want to get deeper into your practice, have longer classes where you will see more benefits and have classes specifically planned for you (carry on reading) then this is the membership to join. 

What's included?

You will receive access to vstudio where you will find all of the content including -

  • 34 classes (growing weekly)
  • vinyasa classes
  • yin classes
  • meditations
  • a crow workshop

You will have access to the private Facebook group, so you can ask questions, share your progress and find a few how to videos on poses and this is where you will have access to the yoga calendars (they will also get sent by email)

    A new video is released every week and you have access to all previous classes.

    "When my husband and I study yoga online with Leah Hyne, we feel like we've finally found someone who can explain to us what on earth we are doing! What a gifted teacher she is! She even taught me to master Crow Pose, which I had been working on forever without success. Leah is gentle, kind, insightful, and absolutely happiness-inspiring! Wonderful yoga classes!" - Amy C

    Right now you have the basic knowledge of yoga but your looking to deepen that knowledge. Looking for longer classes where you can focus on different things. Looking for where to go next in your yoga journey after that beginners stage?

    This is where Lakora membership comes in. Imagine if you could wake up and pick a practice that works for you that day. Maybe you want to work on a specific pose, maybe a challenge, maybe you you want a 60 minute yin class? Using the drop down menus or the calendars I create you can pick a practice that's right for you at that moment. With a new class being added every week. Currently over 30 hours of classes.

    So far inside our membership...

    We have so many classes already, as I mentioned 30+ hours, here is a screenshot of some of them already available.

    Leah's classes are very authentic - she clearly has a passion for yoga that extends through her physical practice to other aspects of her life and she is inspired to share that with others. She definitely knows her stuff. - Roz

    More videos are being added to the membership every month. Some are live recordings and some are pre recorded.

    Value of this Membership -

    - a new class every week £5 (each)

    - access to all previous content £150

    - access to a private facebook group with bonuses and can ask questions anytime £50


    - 3 days to destress series (facebook group) £15

    - how to pose guide (facebook group) £12

    And you can get all of this for £15 a month

    7 day free trail and you can cancel anytime - Cancellation must be before your free trail ends as no refunds can be given.


    What do I have access too?

    Any of my on demand videos. 

    And right now I am letting founding members have a 50% discount code for future courses. (sign up before november)

    Do I need a mat and props?

    It isn't necessary to start your practice. However if you are planning to practice regularly then i would suggest that you do. I have a recommendations list in the Facebook page

    What if I don't have Facebook?

    That's fine, I can email you anything that I post in there and a playlist of the videos already in there.

    How do I know what video to do?

    You can either follow one of the calendars or there is a drop down menu where you can filter through length, intensity and style. I love working on specific poses, so you will find them in the gallery aswell

    Is this for beginners?

    I think my classes are great for beginners as I go over alignment cues often. That being said some of the classes are more intense, for more advance yogis. Just use the drop down menu on the link below to check it our for yourself.  

    How long do I have access?

    For as long as you are paying your monthly subscription. If you sign up on the 1st and cancel on the 3rd you will be able to enjoy the rest of that month until the next monthly payment as you would have already paid for that month.

    I love Leah's classes. She has a lovely chilled out vibe and gives a friendly feel to her classes. Some poses I thought I knew she's given some corrections which have made a big difference to my practice. - Becca

    Who is this membership for?

    • anyone who wants a regular practice
    • anyone who wants to find some calmness in there busy lives
    • anyone who loves vinyasa flows but also likes the calmness of meditations
    • anyone who loves a challenge
    • anyone who likes to be organized in their practice

    Who this membership isn't for?

    • people who only like 10 minute videos
    • people who only like practicing handstands.

    So, How does  this work?

    By clicking on the link it will take you to Vstudio where my membership is hosted. From here you can fill out the form to sign up. Once you have signed up (you can have a 7 day free trail) You will have access right away to all the content in the on demand section. Take your pick of what video you would like to start with.

    Once signed up you will receive an email from me. Here you can let me know if you want to join the Facebook group or if you would prefer content to be sent out via email. This would be for calendars or any shorter tutorials that i may occasionally post in the Facebook group.

    If you join the Facebook group, you can access the guides section in the tabs above and here you can mark off your progress with the calendars uploaded.

    Cancellation Policy

    You can cancel whenever you want too. As soon as payment has been taken, due to the digital nature of the product no refunds will be available, so make sure you cancel before your next payment.

    I get so much more out of yoga with you than any other classes I've done. I now know how to ground down through my feet which may seem simple but I couldn't do it before you explained it. - Lauren

    Imagine where you could be a few months from now with a consistent organised yoga class plan. 

    Feeling less stressed with daily meditations and nailing that crow pose that you keep trying to get.

    Focusing on exactly what you need will help you achieve your goals, physical or mental. That's what this membership is for.

    You can have a look right away at what videos are available, by clicking the link below. 

    Let's Help You Achieve Your Goals, Achieve a Less Stressful Life and Discover Your True Potential

    Your investment! £15 a month to shape your life into what you want it to be!