Adapting To Life After Loss Webinar

Adapting to life after loss is challenging and you go through so much. I want to help you overcome this pain you feel and support you on your healing journey.

I'm hosting this webinar to let you know you don’t have to do it alone.

11.27. 2017


What you’ll learn

Why We Experience Grief?

Identify The 7 Stages Of Grief 

How Loss Will Change Your Life

About the Host

Mellany Paynter is the Speaker and Founder of Mellany Motivates, coaching GenX women on strategies and resources needed to re-engineer life after traumatic experiences.

She is the author of Dancing At The Crossroad, a grief recovery memoir/journal.

Mellany is also the Founder of All About The Sisters, a membership tribe and safe space for women to radically self-care, launching in January 2018 in New York.