You'll learn more about yourself, what your strongest abilities are, and will help you see that you've probably been connecting to Spirit all along.


Learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Passed Loved ones.  

You may be surprised by how they communicate with you.


The guide includes 3 exercises to get you to learning more about yourself, how to connect to Spirit,  leaving you with more knowledge and tools to help you grow into an even better spiritual being.

What you'll get in this Guide 


Descriptions of 15 clairs!

You may have heard about the 5 most common clairs, but this guide includes FIFTEEN clairs that you need to know about


23 Ways to Practice honing in on your Clairs

You'll get 2-3 ways to practice using 8 of the most common clairs


20 Plus pages of spiritual goodness

Including a checklist of 10 signs showing your strengths of 6 clairs 


3 Really fun exercises

That will help you understand more about yourself & how Spirit connect with you