Life feeling a little cluttered?

You need to Delegate That Sh*t!

Find out what you should offload to a virtual assistant...


Find out which are of your life you need to clean up.

You wake up on a Monday with a pit in your stomach. You totally forgot ____________ over the weekend!

A) To schedule that doctor’s appointment

B) To find an allergen-free recipe for your kiddo’s school bake sale

C) To respond to that important work email from Friday

Time to grab coffee and get started with your morning. You ______________

A) Would love to treat yourself to some Starbucks, but you decide to save the cash and fire up the Keurig.

B) Rush to make a fresh pot at home for your family before everyone runs out the door. 

C) Hit the drive-through on the way to the office — no time to stop, clients await!

Your phone rings unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Before you even check the caller ID, you catch yourself hoping it’s not _______________.

A) The dry cleaners — you know your clothes have been ready for a week, but you’ve had no time to pick your things up.

B) Your spouse wondering what’s for dinner—AGAIN.

C) Your prospective business checking on the status of the proposal that you haven’t had the time to start.

You catch yourself daydreaming about vacation. Where do your fantasies take place?

A) At a day spa — just you, a mud mask, a massage, and the sound of relaxing raindrops.

B) On the beach reading a book in the sand while the rest of the family splashes in the water nearby.

C) In a big city on a shopping spree — you never get to travel to exciting metropolitan places unless it’s on business.

Your friends would describe you as

A) Creative — you always have such unique ideas and perspectives.

B) Generous — you think of others first, every time.

C) Hardworking — you’re a boss babe who knows how to get sh*t done!


Did you get mostly As, Bs or Cs?
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