Is your customer experience memorable?

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Find out how engaging your customer experience is.

You visit a coffee shop to get some work done while on the road. What's the most important thing they offer?

A) A robust coffee and food menu.

B) Excellent coffee from reputable sources.

C) Wifi.

What is most important to demonstrate in order to maintain a customer relationship?

A) Demonstrating your knowledge and skills.

B) Demonstrating rock solid reliability.

C) Demonstrating a deep level of mutual respect.

What is most important about you or your service from your customer's perspective?

A) The price of your service.

B) The service you provide.

C) The value you provide.

What is the best way to make your customer feel valued and understood?

A) Talk about yourself.

B) Ask questions and interrupt.

C) Making them feel like you are listening to them.

What is the best way to go the extra mile for your customers?

A) Give them branded gifts and goodies.

B) Communicate regularly via email list and form letters.

C) Personalize your communications, both email and written.


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