Go from where you are to where you want to be!

We are masters at helping you gain clarity, develop, freedom and strategize inspiring action so that you can manifest the life you desire, as quickly or carefully as you like. With support and guidance we will visualize and create an action plan that prioritizes your goals, remove any fears and limiting beliefs, get clear on what you really want to accomplish and provide a support system you need to make it happen

With our "Live Your Best Life" Success Program, you get One Full Year of Unlimited Laser Coaching calls with our "Live Your Best Life" success coaches. One easy rule: simply complete your homework before you schedule your next coaching call.

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First benefit

Proven Steps

Easily implement the tools and positive habits of the uber successful with unlimited 15 minute power sessions geared for your specific goal.

Second benefit

An Action Plan

The secrets to creating momentum to achieve what you really want. Walk away with clarity and confidence of what to do next to get you the results you crave.

Third benefit

Achieve Goals

When you feel good, positive and vibrant you attract good into your life and reach your goals successfully. The integrated power sessions are psychologically geared for you to reap positivity, productivity and results.


Live your Best Life Success Coaching was developed so you can have accountability and guidance all year long to finally acquire the life and success you deserve.

Jackie Ruka  is a popular keynote speaker and transformational coach. She conducts training seminars, retreats and coaching programs that activate the mindset for success to create perfect solutions for the highest level of income, freedom and passion for life. As a Psychotherapist and marketing executive for billion dollar brands, Jackie transformed her life from working a 60 hour work week to becoming a best selling author and thought leader on well-being, utilizing the mindset shifts developed from working with 5000 clients. (Certified Success and Mindset Coach affiliated with Harvard University Medical School/Mclean Hospital). 

How it Works

1. Simply click below to register for the Live Your Best Life Success Coaching Program for ONE FULL YEAR for only $1997. (less than $167 a month)

Registration is easy and you are protected by the Live Your Best Life Guarantee stating, during your first call if you don't feel like this is exactly what you require to take your life and business to the next level and get real results , you will be immediately refunded.

2. Schedule Your First Coaching Session

Your first coaching session is 30 minutes long and on that call we will develop your goals and strategies to reach them. We will then agree upon your first homework assignment so you can make progress. At the end of each call you will get a recording of your session, confirmation of your homework and a link to schedule  your next coaching call.

3. Do Your Homework and Schedule Your Next call !

Your homework is a set of tasks that you and your coach agree upon. When you have completed those tasks , you can schedule your next 15 minute laser coaching call. Some clients complete their homework and schedule their call the very next day.


Live Your Best Life Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the average number of sessions booked?  It depends on how quickly you complete your homework and how carefully you want to reach your goals.

2. What does success coaching entail?  The laser coaching process is proven to create dynamic results plus improve: life obstacles, relationship struggles, prosperity, health, time management, positivity, work/life balance, happiness and stress. You receive a toll free number to call for your session. When your session is complete the recording of the session is emailed to you.

3. What is involved with the homework?  Homework should not take too much time to do. The homework is geared as motivating and forms positive results if you do it.

4. What if I need to cancel a session?  No problem, cancel, within 24 hours. Simply re-schedule.  Sessions book up fast, book your next session ASAP. And make sure your homework is done before doing so.

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