It's Time to Live your Best Life! Breakthrough to your Personal Freedom

This is about the power of pursuing your dreams and the price you are paying by not following your heart.

Our journey through life is challenging. Few of us, if any, actually enjoy every minute of every day. We have fears, pains, defenses, subconscious programming that we developed at an early age that can ruin our enjoyment of life.
There IS an easier way, although it takes personal dedication and practice to achieve the flow in life that you desire. I can help you find that peace and joy. - Jackie Ruka

We are masters at helping you gain clarity, develop, freedom and strategize inspiring action so that you can manifest the life you desire, as quickly or carefully as you like. With support and guidance we will visualize and create an action plan that prioritizes your #1 goal, remove any fears and limiting beliefs, get clear on what you really want to accomplish and provide a support system and breakthrough you need to make it happen

Live your Best Life Includes:

- Access to my top secret training videos to walk you through the mindset to manifest anything!

- Discover the technique to breakthrough fear, feel centered and peaceful, in six minutes a day.

- A proven method to detox your barriers and obstacles and live from the power of your authentic happiness.

- Steps towards Personal Freedom 

-  The path to Express Yourself More Confidently in your Purpose

Learn how to Gain Balance in your Life and Momentum in your Business.

- A complete system to help bring life transforming changes that will have you focused and successful in all areas of your life.

Step One

Proven Steps

Easily implement the 5 secret steps within your power sessions geared for your specific goal. The progressive process will have you focused and aligned, FAST!

Step Two

An Action Plan

The secrets to creating momentum to achieve what you really want. Walk away with clarity and confidence of what to do next to get you the results you crave.

Step Three

Achieve Results

When you feel good, positive and vibrant you attract good into your life and reach your goals effortlessly. The integrated power sessions are emotionally, spiritually, psychologically geared for you to reap positivity, productivity and results.


Client Testimonials

Dennis Shaver

#1 International Best Selling Author /Founder:Parts on Demand

"Jackie's program helped me go beyond what I ever imagined: A #1 International Best Seller on Amazon, WOW!!! Thank you and from this day forward, the way to go is Onward & Upward! "

Cheryl D.

CEO: Razor Racing LLC

"Jackie will teach you how to invent your happiest self which will also activate your happiest business or career, family and entire life.”

Idelle Steinberg

Principal Steinberg Insurance

“Having Jackie Ruka as my coach has helped me focus on what I specifically want to do and where my passion lies. Jackie’s insight helped me get on the road that has been calling yet didn’t hear. I recommend Jackie's program for anyone looking to get their business or passion on track and moving forward, fast !"

About Jackie

Jackie is the Best Selling Author of Get Happy! A trained Therapist, Certified Success Coach and Award winning Sales and Marketing executive. All the external success does not equate to happiness. It was not til Jackie experienced a life altering, near death experience that her true journey to inner joy and happiness occurred. Over 30 years of self-help and thousands of dollars invested in her own personal growth, and healing did she truly learn the life altering tools needed for mindset, manifesting and courage to claim true happiness. She shares the conscious journey where you gain your desires and your fear fades, having mentored over 5000 professionals with 5 secret steps to reach and redefine what success and happiness means to you.