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There's nothing more powerful than being part of an exclusive community who "gets" you and the work you're striving to do, a group who shares your values and goals, whose there to offer support, share ideas and help keep you on track towards achieving your creative goals.


Mon Oct 5th


Get out of your head.

If you're a creative entrepreneur (or even if you're not), it's easy to get stuck in your own head. By being part of the FGC mastermind group, you'll be able to tap into other people's ideas and insights, offering you fresh and often surprising ideas.

Meet amazing people.

Being part of the FGC mastermind group gives you the opportunity to meet amazing women who are striving towards similar goals and get where you are on your journey. Don't be surprised to make life long friends, too.

Gain accountability.

One of the greatest advantages of attending the FGC mastermind group regularly is the powerful accountability you'll receive (and give). Not meeting your self-imposed deadlines? Feeling stuck? This is the best way to get moving.

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