Do you love my stories and want to be on my launch team?

You will receive:

1) a FREE Advanced Reader's Copy (ARC) through BookFunnel about 2-4 weeks prior to Launch Day to read and to prepare a review (the ARC comes in your choice of .mobi for Kindle, .pdf for any PC/tablet/Mac/phone, or .ePub for other readers i.e. Nook/Kobo)

2) an insider's view on the upcoming book and input on the next writing projects

3) opportunities to enter celebratory giveaways exclusive to the launch team

What I ask from you:

1) Your pre-prepared review posted on at least 3 sites during Launch Week.

2) If you loved the story, sharing with your book clubs, friends, family or on social media would be awesome too!

Note: You will have had 3 weeks or so to read the Advanced Reader Copy and prepare a review. It only needs to be 1-3 sentences about what you liked about the book.

Please do not sign-up if you do not have the time or energy to read or spread the word.