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3 Surprising Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss Without Dieting

Even If You're Over 40

March 15th 1 PM PST

With Kelly Bonanno

Eco Lifestyle & Wellness Coach & Host of Clean Beauty Scene Podcast

Discover my top tips to lose weight without counting calories & resorting to deprivation

I'm also reviewing the top takeaways from the Lose 10 Pounds By Summer Health Summit to help you absorb and implement what you learned!

Wouldn't you love to stop obsessing & wondering what will actually work to feel great & look hot in your favorite clothes?!

In this value-packed masterclass, I'll review the top takeaways from all the extraordinary sessions from the Lose 10 Pounds By Summer Health Summit  to help you absorb and implement what you learned and show you the real reasons most women struggle with extra weight and why the diet industry sets you up to fail. 

You'll discover how to: 

✓ Lose weight without restrictive, drastic measures or giving up delicious food

✓ Improve your energy levels 

✓ Have a healthy relationship with food & enjoy holiday favorites without guilt or extra lbs.

✓ Break free from dieting & end weight fluctuations

✓ Stop making the big mistake that's holding you back & sabotaging your weight loss efforts

(Step 3 may shock you, I call it the missing link!)

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"Now I feel I am making truly informed decisions about my health. I lost weight, I feel great and have good sustained energy throughout the day and I'm even sleeping better." ~Kelly C.