Have you been searching for a way to reduce power struggles with your child?  

Are you tired of feeling like you need to yell, threaten, or give repeated demands in order to keep healthy boundaries in your home?   

Or maybe you'd like to be proactive in your parenting approach to ensure you keep that special bond you have with your little one.

Learn how to get your child to listen the first time in this Positive Parenting Course.

The Love and Logic approach has been helping parents set and enforce loving limits for over 40 years!

Get Support

Get your parenting questions answered on the spot and learn how to bring more harmony to your home.

Meet Live

Parent Coach, Kacie will facilitate this class live!  Learn the core principles for Parenting the Love and Logic way.


Connect with other parents and gain support. Together we can build a village and raise happy children!

What you'll learn

Kids aren't born with a manual.  That's why a village and support is imperative!  

This positive discipline approach will help you preserve your bond with your child, while maintaining healthy boundaries.   

During these 5 sessions, you will learn the core principles of Love and Logic Parenting.

Week 1

Handling Misbehavior with Ease

How to curb whining, backtalk, and begging

Week 2

Teaching Kids to Listen the First Time

How to stop yelling, threatening, and bribing

Week 3

Avoiding Power Struggles

The power of shared control and choices

Week 4

Limits Create Happy Families

How to set limits and enforce them with love and respect

Week 5

When Your Kids Leave You Speechless

How to keep your cool and preserve your energy in those extra tough parenting moments.


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Love & Logic Early Childhood (Online)

A 5 week workshop for parents of children up to 8yrs old

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