Love is Dead(ly) - A New Paranormal Drama

Brad Burns has a big problem. Not his crippling credit card debt.

Not his ex-wife, and current business partner, who still blames him for the messy break-up of their marriage.

No, Brad’s big issue is that he sees dead people. And those dead people have started to fight back.

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Gene Kendall

Gene Kendall has been writing about reputable and disreputable pop culture for over ten years at Not Blog X and CBR. Fans of the 1990s alt-rock movement, washed up comic book professionals, and ghosts of the past might find a kindred spirit in his novels.

I’ve seen what these hauntings can do. Have a subtle chill creeping up my spine at this moment, imagining what’s ahead for this couple. So, yes, I’ll offer my aid. I’d be a monster not to help, wouldn’t I? And, nope, this help is not coming cheap.

- Bradley Burns, Paranormal Desperado

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