Practical Gardening for Kitchen & Beauty

Hi! I’m Tanya, an organic gardener, soap maker, & creative DIYer dedicated to sharing how you can live simply, grow your own & make natural things. 

In other words, Grow it, Make it, Craft it.

Ten years ago I was an ordinary professional, commuting to work, doing the 9-5 and buying everything I used in the home. I wasn’t happy though and I realized that I had a major disconnect between the life I wanted to live and the path I was on. I didn’t make anything TANGIBLE and that brought me joy. Fast forward to now and I’ve happily found a way to live a simpler and more fulfilling life.

Lovely Greens is about sharing with you what I’ve learned. 

How to grow your own herbs, vegetables, and fruit, and how to make soap and natural beauty products. At the heart of Lovely Greens is the philosophy that gardening and traditional crafts bring us back to our roots as people. We were made to make! 


I LOVE your website! The recipes, the gardening, the diy/decorating are all WONDERFUL. But what I love the most are your instructions and recipes for natural beauty products - especially the soaps. I have skin issues and have been wanting to make my own soap for AGES. 


I just want to say a big thank you for your inspiring videos! I have recently come across your channel and its been a blessing! I started creating my own little herb garden with mint, rosemary and thyme this year. We also have English and French lavender! I also have some sage grown from seeds.


Thanks, Tanya! 
I love your newsletters and videos and have planted some herbs for my soaps, and am making more infused oils for them.  You are an encouraging and inspiring presence in the world and here at my little studio!  Keep ‘em coming! :)

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