Are you craving a simpler life, where you have more time, money and energy to spend on your loved ones and your passions?

Do you want to enjoy your time on this beautiful planet and help to make sure that future generations can enjoy it too?

Perhaps you just want to have less to worry about?


I'm Steph Mullen and I've spent the past 10 years+ trying to figure out how to achieve all of that. I've done a LOT of mindset work and tried many different approaches to making lifestyle changes. While not everything has worked, I’m now living with more intention and I actually feel proud about my lifestyle.

I want to show you that a more simple, sustainable and fulfilled life is completely possible for you.

What you get

In this mini course, I share the 3 key challenges you're likely to face on your journey. I also give easy actions that you can take straight away to start living with less - and get more enjoyment out of life in the process.

By stripping away all the unwanted clutter in your life - and I’m not just talking about the junk in your home that you don’t use - you can create space for more:

  • time with your loved ones
  • relaxation
  • time to take care of the planet
  • fun
  • community work
  • self-development
  • creativity
  • time to just simply ‘be’
  • or whatever it is that makes you happy!

After all, it isn’t things that give us the most joy, but people and experiences.

Less really is more.

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