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To tackle the most pressing challenges and co-create positive futures, we need to BUILD

More than ever, we need to prove how businesses are key be for our sustainable development and to scale their impact. 

To build is the first value of entrepreneurship, that's why we aim to create more startups based on a triple bottom line approach to generate value for all. Those successful ventures are what we call Zebras.
People, Planet and Profit 


Our first newborn Zebra created in early 2018, Dathappy is a technological partner for purpose-driven projects leveraging a platform business model to empower tech specialists having fewer opportunities worldwide. 

At first, it has been the main activity of the studio, testing and adapting Dathappy's model. Various activities helped the studio to develop further the activities and strengthen its vision.

Over the last 2 years, Dathappy worked with smaller social enterprises, the United Nations, trained governments and larger companies engaged for a positive future. 

Their B2B services generate opportunities for all as they equip individuals with the relevant skills for the Digital Economy through adapted training and learning by doing methodology.

#ImpactMeasurement #DataProjects #DigitalStrategy #CapcityBuilding


On a mission to revolutionalize healthcare in Cambodia, this project started by students needed support to go to the market quickly while collaborating with public policies and partners to spread healthcare access to all through telemedicine and a safe space to get advice.

We are co-creating, completing their founding team, a new way to find and book a doctor, get advice anonymously online, get personalized recommendations, access telehealth services and more. 

As a studio, our various strategic skills are completing their local connectivity and medical experience as young doctors.

#HealthcareForAll #Telemedicine 

FAV Protector

Initiated in France by Bonney (and supported by Singa), this personal project to help patients having renal failure to protect their arteriovenous fistula needed to take over as a business

The LOVE Zebras studio then started to work with her, creating a team with our members and her, committed to invent and finance the creation of a product available soon. In the meantime, we are reinforcing the community support to people affected and their families.

More Zebras around skills assessment in the Digital Economy, personal development, sustainable finance, local food creation and delivery, ...(and more) are under exploration. STAY TUNED!

Our hottest new creation

The 2 Cooperative is an ecosystem mixing people's actions, growing with the support of the community while framing solutions, and Zebras (our studio's startups and other purpose-driven organizations' members aligned with our values).

The cooperative supports individuals' ideas generation, solutions creation through specific initiatives and decentralized support from the gloCal community. This is a movement to rally people and organizations in (re)inventing success for ourselves, others and the planet while growing in an inclusive and safe environment to share, test and learn.
Indeed, 2 is an ecosystem where everyone is a co-owner, co-investor and co-builder. We created an autonomous regenerative and positive funding capability by profit redistribution of the Zebras' profit and membership fees (investment with ROI) to collectively adapt and create the world we want to grow in. 

While the LOVE Zebras startups studio is a builder of startups, with dedicated resources co-creating as a founding team the ventures' impact, 2 is an ecosystem supporting a movement taking the shape of a cooperative formed by individuals and organizations. The cooperative members take part in or generate their own autonomous startups (ground-up initiatives) being helped by organizations, the 2 programs, and other members (top-down support).
The studio is the creator of this cooperative that will be (re)shaped along the way by its members. Ironically, the studio becomes also an organization part of this ecosystem, redistributing at least 20% of its profit to the movement. Our  Zebras creations are also members co-building the ecosystem, like Dathappy sharing profit and providing services to other members at a discounted rate, but 2 is not limited to our creations (hopefully ;) ).

The change starts in ourselves and results in our actions. The cooperative aims to unleash the talents and impact of all while collectively grow as individuals and organizations to offer economic and meaningful opportunities glocally. The 2 cooperative unlock collaboration between people and organizations truly committed for a sustainable development and future.

Learn more and join the movement here.

LOVE Zebras builders

We are engaged builders of the world using our skills and experience, not to mentor and advise, but to co-create the future daily



From rural childhood to community leader of the French Tech (for Good) in Singapore, he is using is Sociology and Data Scientist background to build a sustainable world gloCally. Yoann is living as a nomad, creating meaningful projects locally while collaborating remotely. 

After being a consultant and an MNC tech expert, he created a Tech Social Enterprise startup (our first Zebra).

Never hesitate to get in touch to talk about tech but more importantly, to collaborate and share ideas on how to build a sustainable world for all.



 Amazingly equipped by her experiences as a startup founder, community builder and operation officer of the biggest startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, Diane can also leverage her involvement as president of an NGO after various humanitarian activities. 

Committed to create and build forward, with her sharp and results-driven mindset, impactful Zebras. 

Diane takes care of her team members and uses her powerful network of changemakers friends to envision better ways to live together and protect our planet so, reach out to her too.



To support better the entrepreneurs initiating the projects (including our newborn Zebras), we leverage our network of engaged individuals, being boosters for the projects we support. A serial entrepreneur? An investor? A tech talent? A sales professional?...

Diversity matters to build an inclusive world and we need you. 

If you want to take time to co-create with us, building ambitious startups that should become independent Zebras, let us know as we always need engaged BUILDERS to foster a positive and sustainable change.

The Zebras' secret

The Zebra is the symbol of ambitious organizations engaged in a fair redistribution and governance while building for continuous positive improvement (Sustainable Development Goals focus). 

We create new solutions (newborn zebras) and help early-stage initiatives to become Zebras, joining the founding team to boost the impact.

A plan to relaunch positively the economy

Putting people in the center of our development, our goal is to generate new opportunities for all through our direct impact on beneficiaries but also jobs creation in the startups we develop.

#Diversity #Opportunities #PositiveGrowth

Stratups generating fairly redistributed profit

For the People and the Planet



We iterate quickly to validate the best solutions for the problems we identified. Then, we build forward the promising projects to create ambitious companies



We build for and with the stakeholders as to make a sustainable positive change, we need a forest, home of various living elements, not a single tree



Our vision and impact have no boundaries. We build for all the People and the Planet, localizing the solutions
(Global + loCal = GloCal)

Our gloCal approach builds connected solutions tackling local challenges.
All our projects shared common values and are committed to a fair redistribution of the profit
and transparent governance empowering people. 
A concrete sustainable development for all!

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