A KISS to your Happiness

We are going through an emotional storm that makes our securities fragile, affects our strongest foundations: health, life, family, work, money. It creates fear and uncertainty and forces us to change. 

Are you ready to take your first steps towards Happiness?

Never as in these days, it is important to bring happiness in our lives and to begin from ourselves. 

Start today!

Luisa Tuzza

Happiness Catalyst

I help people to reach Happiness through the expression of their talents and their uniqueness. 

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction, I call myself a “catalyst” because I like to think of myself as the one who causes a positive change in people.

My purpose is to help YOU to be the person you deserve to be. To find clarity about the direction you wish to take in your life, business and relationship and to be the best version of yourself expressing your full potential.