What listeners are saying about this artist.

Traci V.

Mom of three

Hymns resonate in a way for me that calms and heals. I absolutely love your music and it has been a blessing during these past few months.

Julie G.


Your arrangements are peaceful and calming!! God has given you a gift in sharing and touching other’s lives. You are anointed by Him in touching others this way. Holy Spirit Anointing!!

Kristen 0.

Mom of seven

She is one of the loveliest pianists I've been blessed to hear.

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About the artist

Sarah E. Brooks

Sarah has been a musician for over twenty-five years. Her passion is to create calming instrumental arrangements of Christian classics. When she's not wrangling a house full of kiddos, you can find her evading Mt. Laundry by sitting at her Piano.

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