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Elevating into Luxury

Scaling to 6-Figures with a Luxury Coaching Brand + Messaging

This is for you if you're a female trauma coach, relationship coach, mindset coach, manifestation coach, or business coach serving online entrepreneurs and ready to embody luxury branding, messaging, and a high-vibe lifestyle to calibrate to 6-figures with ease.

🤯I have only ~300 followers, yet I earned $200,000+ cash the first 11 months of 2021 solely from my coaching business.

🤯I went from being on the run from domestic violence, living on a friend's couch, and being in and out of domestic violence shelter programs less than 3 years ago, to moving to a beachfront penthouse suite, renting private planes for the night, taking limos to the airport, and staying in 5-star overseas resorts - all thanks entirely to my online coaching business.

🤯And my clients are leveraging my messaging and marketing strategies and hitting $10K months, having almost $20K launches, selling their homes to move to the beach, and going full-time in their business because #vibes.


❌Elevating your brand is NOT about creating a perfect IG aesthetic.

❌It's not about taking fancy photoshoots against a car that's not even yours just to post it on social media.

❌It's not about buying the designer bags, clothes, and shoes for the photoshoots.

It's about creating an authentic vibe to your content, message, and positioning yourself as an expert - despite having a low number of followers, being somewhat "new" in business, or not having a million dollars (yet!).

It's about feeling and embodying worthiness that propels you into 6-figures faster, feeling worthy of a luxury brand, and feeling worthy of the lifestyle you get to achieve because of it.

That's why I've created an in-depth training series with lessons from scaling to $31,000 cash sales in a month by shifting my messaging and embodying a luxury brand that MADE DAMN GOOD MONEY.

You'll learn...

👉 The messaging, clarity, and ideal client positioning FAILS that STOP coaches from earning 6-figures and attracting pay-in-full, high-ticket clients (if you're NOT at $10K months yet, THIS is why - and it's what you're not being told).

👉 The mindset shifts around luxury earning that allow you to calibrate not just to $10K months, but believe it's finally possible to hit $15K, $20K, and $30K+ months NOW.

👉 What exactly to do today to shift into a luxury brand and positioning that appeals to high-caliber clients who are ready and willing to pay your prices (HINT: These are the things that build INSTANT trust with your audience and have them converting in under a week of following you).

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