Free Eat Smarter Planner

See what's inside the Planner.

The Eat Smarter planner is a pdf ebook that you can print and use as you wish. There are 20 journal pages to help you track and plan for eating better in the new year. 

The pages included are: Goals & Reasons, Daily Food Log, This Week's Menu, Sugar Intake Tracker, Energy Log, Eat this Not that, Mood Log, Week Review, Eating Out Plan, Food Substitutes, Go To Recipes, Party Eating Plan, Instead of Snacking, Fasting Tracker, Rewards List, Rewards Tracker, Lunch Box Plan, Lunch Box Ideas, Grocery Price Log, Freezer Inventory.

Below are a couple sample sheets from the planner.

Instructions: Just click on the blue button above which will take you to the PDF  Ebook. You can download it to your computer or print it. 

Fasting Tracker

For those who do intermittent fasting  you can keep track of when you start your fast and for how long. 

Goals & Reasons

Set mini goals to keep you motivated and list all the reasons why you want to eat better.

Eating Out Plan

Have a strategy for eating out. Start with a overall general plan and then make a plan for specific places.