Holy Family Hornets

Dear Holy Family Parents and Students,

We were sad to hear that Holy Family Catholic School closed at the end of the 2019-20 school year. 

In many ways, your school becomes an extension of your family, and you may be feeling despair and a sense of loss as you think about how you and your children's lives will be different in the upcoming school year.  The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more stressful.

We know that you are facing tough decisions right now. We're here to help you.

Although we can't replace HFCS, we hope we can become your new family and help your children continue with the academic growth they began at Holy Family Catholic School.  

We know that you will quickly feel at home at St. Philip the Apostle School because our two schools share some similarities:

1) A feeling of family when you walk in the door

2) Teachers and administrators who enable your child achieve his/her full potential

3) An education infused with our Catholic values, where children can discuss and live out their beliefs while in school

4) Small classes where your child will received individualized attention

5) An environment where your child will feel safe and nurtured

These two infographics tell you a bit about St. Philip the Apostle School and how we will benefit your child: 

Would you like to find out more about our school, and see if it fits your child's and your family's needs?  If so, please fill out the short form below and we will send you customized information about St. Philip the Apostle School. 

We're here to help you as you navigate the process of finding a new school for your child.


Julie Noonan, Principal

Father Steve Bondi, Pastor

St. Philip the Apostle School 

For more info about St. Philip the Apostle School: