What's in the book?

Be guided through the process of creating an Educational Manifesto.You will gain clarity on your purpose and vision for your children's education. A manifesto will be your fuel and inspiration. Step into your position as your children’s expert, and establish a creed by which you will educate your children and  move forward with passion and purpose.


Melanie B.


"This is amazing and exactly what I needed!  You totally helped me!  Love it and will totally use this! Thank you! I love how you have included the how, the why and examples. Anyone can easily walk through these steps with the guidelines you have set out and be left with something powerful to guide them on whatever educational path they choose.  It honors everyone's unique morals, beliefs and opens a door of possibility and gives much needed support and guidance to anyone looking for top quality education for their children."

Jami H.


"I'm so grateful for finding this guidebook! I found the the tools and thought starters invaluable for coming into alignment on the mission and philosophy our family has adopted as it relates to learning and the areas of development we wish to emphasize. Thank you for creating this wonderful framework!"

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